MSCP Subcommittee

Dear all,

We would like to announce that the MSCP ExCo has decided to form subcommittees to better coordinate our activities. We believe that this strategy will help serve our members better and bring us further as a society. Currently, we have formed two subcommittees and appointed few members to help with event organizing and translation. Here, we would like to formally introduce and acknowledge them (name are listed in alphabetical order):

Event Organizing Subcommittee                     Translation and Editorial Team

Coordinating ExCo:                                                                     Coordinating ExCo: 

Lee Ji Kwan                                                                                    Chan Pek Har

Subcommittee:                                                                               Goh Lei Kheng

Evelyn Soong Yoke Fen                                                               Subcommittee:

Lee Sook Huey                                                                               Lee Sook Huey

Sam Jeng Mun                                                                                Pheh Kai Shuen

Sharlene Teo Shu Lin

The Event Organizing Subcommittee is responsible for managing the logistics of events organized by the MSCP, while the Translation and Editorial Team is responsible for translating and reviewing texts that will be published in the name of MSCP. We welcome members who are interested to join our Translation and Editorial Team so that we can better disseminate our knowledge to the public. Members who can translate Malay and/or Tamil are greatly needed.

Please contact us at for further inquiries.

Best regards,