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Greetings from the 2019-2020 Committee members of MSCP!


To those who attended the AGM this past Saturday, thank you for your attendance and vote. We would also like to thank the previous executive committee members (Dr. Zubaidah and her team) for their service and selfless dedication to the growth of clinical psychology in Malaysia.


Outgoing committee 2018-2019


The next 2 years will again be full of challenges and opportunities for clinical psychology as an emerging professional field in Malaysia. The society will continue to champion mental health promotion through advocacy, collaboration, education, research, and training. We hope our members will give us feedback and suggestions along the way in how best to support and promote them.

The biggest project on the horizon is the long-awaited enforcement of the AHP 774, which will affect all of us as clinical psychologists. MSCP will keep abreast of the development within BSKB and inform our members accordingly. Information will hopefully be disseminated in a timely manner now that a paid secretariat position was approved in the AGM. Another major project inherited from the previous exco is our 1st National Conference. We hope that all our members will support the effort through your attendance and participation. As we settle into our roles, we will undoubtedly have more activities planned for our members. We hope for active participation from all our members.

Lastly, please allow us some time to transition from the previous to the current exco. However, we welcome any and all suggestions on how MSCP can help you as clinical psychologists. 

Please welcome, the new MSCP committee members, 2019-2020:

President: Dr. Lynne Yong Ee Lin

Vice President: Dr. Joel Low

Secretary: Aida Farhana Suhaimi

Assistant Secretary: Sharlene Teo Shu Lin

Treasurer: Liana Mohd Nawi

Assistant Treasurer: Chiang Khai Chong (KC)

Committee member: Dr. Azlina Wati Nikmat

Committee member: Evelyn Soong Yoke Fen

Committee member: Melia Wong Yuin Suen

Internal Auditors: Selina Ding & Ellisha Othman



Warm Regards,

Dr. Lynne Yong

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